The EPHI Research and Technology Transfer: The Driving Force Behind Ethiopia’s Public Health Transformation

The Research and Technology Transfer wing of the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) has been a driving force behind the advancement of public health in Ethiopia in recent years. Through its robust research activities, this division has generated valuable knowledge and evidence that have informed health policy and practice both within the country and beyond. Established following a Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) reform, the Research and Technology Transfer wing has allowed EPHI to develop more efficient and streamlined research approaches. This has enabled the institute to shift away from its earlier focus on public health operational research toward higher-impact, strategic areas.

As part of this transformation, the institute has introduced multilateral competitive research grant projects, which provide investment packages to expand its research capacity. These initiatives aim to facilitate the generation of evidence-based data and policy briefs that can directly inform program interventions and policy directions.

The research efforts of EPHI’s Research and Technology Transfer wing encompasses a wide range of critical areas, such as improved disease surveillance, traditional and modern medicines, food and nutrition issues, policy and program evaluation, health system improvement, environmental health, communicable and non-communicable diseases, and reproductive health. The goal is to generate and disseminate evidence-based information that can support decision-making processes for policies, programs, and interventions.

By conducting interdisciplinary research and collaborating with experts from various fields, the Research and Technology Transfer wing has been able to provide comprehensive insights into public health challenges. This has enriched the research output and enabled EPHI to tackle complex issues more effectively.

Furthermore, the Research and Technology Transfer division has been instrumental in advocating for evidence-based health policies and regulations. By actively engaging with policymakers and stakeholders, the Institute has ensured that public health decisions are grounded in sound research and data, leading to more impactful and sustainable interventions.

Through its tireless efforts, the Research and Technology Transfer wing of EPHI has solidified its position as a beacon of excellence in public health research and innovation. Its commitment to rigorous inquiry, knowledge translation, and evidence-based decision-making has been instrumental in improving the health and well-being of the Ethiopian people.